Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many workouts can I track?

    Our A6 pocket sized journals allow you to track up to 10 exercises and 2 cardio exercises per session. Our A5 fitness and nutrition journals allow you to track up to 12 exercises and 4 cardio exercises per session.

  • How is the quality?

    What sets us apart from our competitors is going the extra mile to source only the highest quality materials. We use a polyurethane fabric material for our journals which are sweatproof and are made to last!

  • Why do I need a journal?

    Journalling your workouts is a great way to not only stay on top of your fitness goals but encourages you to keep it consistent. For those that are more experienced, it allows you to progressively overload your workouts ensuring you are at the top of your game and constantly pushing yourself to reach new heights!

  • Are your products recyclable?

    All MaLetics products are manufactured using only high quality recyclable materials which have been approved by the FSC. Our journals are recyclable (excluding the pen and packaging) and we are working with our suppliers to make these 100% recyclable for our customers.

  • Why MaLetics over your competitors?

    We have found a gap in the market for high quality, sustainably sourced, simple, yet effective fitness planners. We have been able to design journals which are not only detailed but easy to follow for anyone, whether you are new to fitness or not. Our products are made for everyone!

  • Do you sell elsewhere?

    We only sell on Amazon and our website at the moment. Our A6 pocket sized journal has been ranked one of the best sellers on Amazon since we started in February 2021 and aim to be the go to company for fitness journals in the future.