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150cm Weight Loss Body Tape Measure

150cm Weight Loss Body Tape Measure

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150cm (60 Inch) Weight Loss Body Tape Measure – ABS Plastic Case, Strong PVC Fiberglass Tape, Buckle Design, Lock Pin Feature and Retractable Button
  • QUALITY – Housing has been moulded using ABS plastic, which is paired with a strong PVC fiberglass tape measure, made to last! The body tape measure comes with a high quality 500G cardboard box
  • SUITABILITY – Measure up to 150cm (60 inch) lengths, which is not only suitable for all body types but gives you the choice of metric. Measure your waist, chest, arms, quads, calves etc. The button allows you to store the body tape measure with ease by retracting the tape measure back into the housing, making it super convenient!
  • ACCURACY – The housing is 5.08cm (2 inches) in width, so the tape measure starts at 5.08cm (2 inches) which is very accurate and creates a hassle-free experience when taking measurements. The curve allows a snug fit to your desired body part. Do not hesitate to contact us for further explanations!
  • EASY TO USE – Simply pull the buckle, wrap the tape around the desired body part, place the buckle inside the pin lock, click the button to retract the tape until it fits snug and take your measurement. Both centimetres and inches are printed on one side making it super easy!
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS – Purchase this along with our MaLetics fitness journals to get this 20% off the retail price! Track your progress and see how far you have come on your journey to achieving your goals


24 x 62 x 89 mm


40 g

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