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A5 Fitness & Nutrition Journal

A5 Fitness & Nutrition Journal

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A5 Premium Sweatproof Fitness & Nutrition Journal – Set 13 Goals, Track 124 Workouts, Daily Calories, Measure Progress & Log 84 Personal Records
  • QUALITY – Created with 132 sheets (256 pages), 100 GSM paper and a premium PU fabric cover which has been stitched and hot stamped for optimum quality. It comes manufactured with a high-quality stainless steel pen and pen holder which allows you to focus on your session and gives you one less thing to worry about before you start training!
  • SET GOALS – Set up to 13 fitness and nutrition goals which you can continue to track every month (31 days), hence perfect for measuring your progress throughout your journey. We all know that saying, failing to prepare means preparing to fail. Use the calendar provided to plan your training sessions ahead of time. Every progress page is printed with a different motivational quote to keep your spirits high. Make it happen!
  • TRACK SESSIONS – Track up to 12 exercises and 4 cardio exercises per session for 124 workouts in total (roughly 24 weeks!). There is also space for some notes, should you need to jot something down. The bookmark will allow you to easily access where you left off on your next session making it super easy!
  • MEAL TRACKING – Comes equipped with an entire page to track your water intake and what you have eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (plus snacks if you are feeling peckish). Take note of your final calories at the end of the day to see if you have met your daily target.
  • PERSONAL RECORDS (PR’s) – Hit a new PR? Unlike other gym journals, monitor up to 84 PR’s so you are able to constantly push yourself to reach new heights in your fitness journey! The journal comes printed with the compound lifts (24 bench, 24 deadlift and 24 squat PR boxes) and there is also space (12 PR boxes) to write down your own personal records.


Page 1 = Start page (goal setting page, calendar and notes)

Pages 2 - 63 = Fitness and nutrition pages

Pages 64 - 65 = First progress page (achievements, calendar and notes)

Pages 66 - 127 = Fitness and nutrition pages

Pages 128 - 129 = Second progress page (achievements, calendar and notes)

Pages 130 - 191 = Fitness and nutrition pages

Pages 192 - 193 = Third progress page (achievements, calendar and notes)

Pages 194 - 255 = Fitness and nutrition pages

Pages 256 = Final progress page (achievements since the beginning)

Pages 257 - 263 = PR pages (24 bench, 24 deadlift, 24 squat and 12 of your own PR’s)

Page 264 = Blank sheet

264 Pages, 132 sheets


‎24 x 156 x 214 mm


500 g

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